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I don’t want my employer to know that I am filing. Do I have to tell him?


Most of the time, yes. But it’s not something that you should worry about. A lot of my new clients say that they don’t want the boss to know what they are doing, but most of them soon realize that they were worried about nothing. In the first place, most employers who have been in business for any length of time deal with things like bankruptcies and garnishments and child support every day. While it might seem like a big deal to you, it’s just another day at work for them.

Second, the law prohibits employers from firing you, or punishing you in any way for filing bankruptcy. Most employers know that. Finally, in a Chapter 13 case you have no choice but to set up a payroll deduction, unless your only income is from self-employment, retirement benefits or government benefits. (But if you were in one of those categories you wouldn’t be asking this question.)