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Do I really have to list all of my creditors? I owe money
to a lot of different people and companies, but all I want to do
right now is to stop a foreclosure, or keep the repo man away from my car.


Yes; every debt of every kind must be listed, including leases, loans or notes that you have cosigned for someone else, and even debts that you honestly believe that you do not owe, but someone else is claiming that you do. Not only is it the law, and not only can you be charged with bankruptcy fraud (a federal crime) in extreme cases, but it is also the right thing for you to do for yourself. For whatever reason, too many people fail to list one creditor or another, and it almost always ends up costing them more money and aggravation in the long run. Please, please, please, don’t think that you are doing yourself or anyone else any favors by leaving someone out. It just makes it harder for me to help you.

There are one or two exceptions to this. If you have cosigned a loan or a note for someone else, and if they are really making the payments, then you still have to list it, but you don’t have to set payments in a Chapter 13. If there is someone that claims that you owe them money, but you really don’t owe them anything, you might not get in trouble for leaving them out, but like I said earlier, it is still the best thing for you to do. Bankruptcy court is by far the best, fastest and cheapest way to get rid of a disputed debt.