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I have a car (or a house, or furniture, electronics or appliances)
that I do not want to keep. What can I do about that?


In both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 you have the absolute right to give any secured property back to the creditor. That may or may not wipe out the debt completely, but if there is any remaining debt it is no longer a secured debt; it becomes a general unsecured debt. In a Chapter 7 that remaining debt is discharged along with all of your other debt. In a Chapter 13 they have the right to sell the collateral and file a claim for the now-unsecured deficiency, in which case the remaining debt is treated just like all of your other unsecured debts, which could be anywhere between 10% or 100%, depending on many other details. But sometimes they don't even file that unsecured claim, so as long as your plan completes successfully that debt will be completely discharged, just like it would have been in a Chapter 7.

(See FAQ on the Difference between Secured and Unsecured Debt for more explanation. Also, see the section on Repossessions and Foreclosures for discussion of what happens to the property and to the debt.)